Da Nang
December/January | I feel a bit sorry for Da Nang and Vietnam and my blog in general. Eva and I have been so busy recently that neither of us had the time to update our individual blogs. I’m sure I will write about DaNang at some point.

Hoi An
January/February | Not really much time to describe the place, but I managed to create a small gallery so you can get a feel for it. We have taken on some WordPress projects and are Volunteering to help a super cute and friendly Australian couple who live in Hoi An with their website and business. Eva and i couldn’t be happier with this Volunteer position.

Hoi An 2
August | It’s now mid-August, things have changed quite a bit and bank accounts look much healthier. Eva has a billion cool jobs and has turned into a real Nomad and I work at the Almanity. Unfortunately, I still don’t have words to share about Hoi An as I’m somewhat speechless, but I got a new Streetclickz gallery up with some pics I like.  Take a look.