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Eva had to go back to Germany for a couple of weeks, but before that and in anticipation of the long flight, we decided to have a week of quality time at the beach. Seafood, Meditation and Yoga instead of roaming the streets in the heat.

Varkala is perfect for this. It has a gorgeous beach, it is off-season, meaning less tourists and everything was just a bit cheaper.

You might have read my take on RishiKesh, where I took a somewhat dismissive tone to the “feel good”-industry and it’s followers. It’s true, I’m critical if a whole place in India feels like it was almost made for westerners and is cashing in on a big scale under the notion of being “Holy” or “Divine”. Here I specifically mean the Holy shops, rather than the place itself.
But if the “Holy Ganges” is non-stop used for tourist groups doing rafting, it just makes the whole thing less Holy.

The Fire Meditation

Having said this, In Varkala I took a week long “Fire Meditation” workshop with an amazing Guru. I have really tried to put my scepticism and slightly arrogant attitude aside and just experience it and see what happens.

While not life changing, it was nevertheless a very humbling experience. I can now totally understand why people can become fond of it, because I did.
Giving your mind a break, observe your breathing, observe the sounds around you and observe yourself, that’s a good exercise in itself.
To master observing your thoughts as they come and go, without supressing or encouraging them, just from a 3rd person perspective, that was too good to describe. For very brief snippets of time, I managed this on a very beginner level. Too good. I would definitely do the whole meditation week again.

Cool, you hypocrite,- show me other locations in India