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Damn, just how beautiful you are.
So very bold in your colours.
So likeable in your poverty.
So humble, almost shy about your treasures.
So rich in your mix of cultures, mirrored in your sights, sounds and food.
So perfect with all your little imperfections.

At least for me, you’ve been the crown jewel of our travels so far.
Getting to explore you was more than fortunate, even at 42 degrees.

But it is not your illuminated structures that makes you beautiful,
nor your shiny swimming palazzos.
They are superficially pretty, but you go much deeper than this.

It is the carelessness you portray when you celebrate,
the colourful, playful kind of style that you show in your buildings
and your clothes, and your mood.

Away from the tourist places and into the markets, the handicraft workshops, the food stalls, your manual labour, the day to day struggles, this is where you truly shine.

But when the sun slowly sets, and from all directions your mosques call to prayer and you pause, – this is when you are the most beautiful.


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