June |
Like for so many who visit various places in Thailand, it often starts in Bangkok. And Wow, Bangkok!, how you have changed. But then you haven’t. Our first stop in Thailand is not known for its relaxing atmosphere, but coming from 42C, smoggy, crowded, taxing Delhi, Bangkok is like a laboratory:
Sterile, smog free, dust free, clean.
Like a new oasis in Asia. Like a health resort your doctor would tell you to go to after years of suffering.
When we arrived, it felt like the whole city was placed underneath a dome. One that is attached to a multitude of pipes on its outside, transporting fresh air from the Swiss alps to Bangkok, which is then pumped into the city.
Come, breathe with us.

Ko Pa Ngan
July | No, we didn’t breathe fresh air, delivered from the Swiss alps while we were in Bangkok. And yes, compared to the air quality in Delhi we did. But now I’m sitting here on the Island of Ko Pa Ngan at 7am, while Eva is still fast asleep. I’m sitting on our humble balcony, that is attached to our humble hut, with the sea literally 10 meters away in front of me and TrueFreshAir is filling my lungs.

July |
If you had told me before our trip that we would at some point be on the island of Ko Pa Ngan or in Krabi, these bastions of tourism, these German strongholds outside Mallorca, I would have very much doubt your prediction. Especially with the time we got, I wouldn’t have seen us anywhere near tourist epicenters. Yet here we are in Krabi. We are here because we are slightly restricted in our movement and this is because of the monsoon season. But I can’t really say we are devastated.
On the contrary.

Ko Jum
July |
In many respects this tiny, beautiful, idyllic Island ticked almost all the boxes for us and it was a near perfect place to be. There were simply no tourists on this Island, apart from maybe a handful, that we only once ran into. In our humble resort, consisting of about 30 huts, we were the only guests. The nature was great, the prices for anything on the Island cheap and so was the food in addition to being delicious.
The extremely friendly population was predominantly Muslim, which made a nice change from my beloved Buddhist crowd and yet we stayed on Ko Jum for only 2 days. The shortest we have stayed so far in any place in our 4 months old trip. We moved straight on to Ko Phi Phi, the exact opposite of Ko Jum. Ko Phi Phi is a magnet of mass tourism and mass decay.
And here is why we would make such a foolish move.

August |
Remember when I said we were basically the only tourists on Ko Jum and we were looking at the handful of other tourists we ran into after 48hrs in awe and excitement? Like they were creatures in a zoo, about to be extinct?
Well, welcome to Ko Phi Phi in low season.

August |
Shalom, this is just a quick note to say that Streetclickz is taking a break while I’m visiting friends and family in Munich.
Meanwhile, Eva has gone to Malaysia. After some sightseeing for a couple of days, she will go to a meditation retreat for 10 days. One of those where you are not aloud to speak at any point and under any circumstances for all of the 10 days. The fact that she is doing this scares me a lot. I’m sure she wants to speak non-stop afterwards. God….

We will meet again in Bangkok before exploring Thailand’s beautiful North and afterwards conquering Myanmar.
Chat to you soon.

September |
Eva and I are back in Bangkok and united again. We will linger around for a couple of days before exploring Thailand’s North.
Because of the horrific events taking place in Myanmar
, going there has become highly questionable for us, not out of safety concerns but on a moral basis. We will see how things develop in the next couple of weeks, but it currently looks like that one of our trips’ highlights isn’t happening.
We will leave Bangkok on 11.09.17 and I will update this blog accordingly.

September |
Change of plans. We have flown to Taiwan.

Join us.