September |
Taipei, the capital of Taiwan and our first port of call appears to be even cleaner now than we remember it from two and a half years ago. This is the city where money is generated, a very progressive city, Taiwan’s political, economic, educational, and cultural center.
Remains of the once Japanese ruled country can be seen everywhere, which gives the city a unique flair. As we had already visited Taipei, we didn’t stay very long in the city and I wasted some days looking for camera equipment in famous Camera Street“.
There is still stuff to report so
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September | 
HongKong is doomed. It was a gradual process that led him to this conclusion. The thought was painful when his mind first formed it and when the feeling he got in response felt true. Painful but true. And it became true the moment he acknowledged it as a fact. So far, the response from his mind to this thought had always been one of hope  and to a certain degree denial.

| Kaohsiung has grown from a small trading village, into the political, economic, transportation, manufacturing, refining, shipbuilding, and industrial center of southern Taiwan. Unfortunately for this city with its ancient history, its great present and probably bright future, I was really lazy when I got there, so I don’t remember much of the city as I didn’t see much.
After my initial excitement, I got tired pretty quickly. Maybe from all the walking around in Taipei and Tainan, I don’t know, but I decided to take it slow there. One thing that I remember are the extremely wide streets, at least in the area where we were. They had a somewhat NorthKorean flair to it, with the difference that cars were actually driving on these streets. Despite my laziness I still managed to get a small gallery together, also thanks to some Cosplay action that was happening in a park.

Take a look

| I think if we had seen Kenting at the beginning of our now 8 months old journey, we would have been more impressed.
Kenting is full of lush greenery, has some nice beaches, cliffs that reminded us in parts of Scotland, Taiwan’s oldest national park and tiny villages that are embraced by their surroundings in such a  gentle and loving way it’s seriously beautiful.
However, by now we have seen too many other places that were so much more impressive, denying Kenting the chance to stand out and shine in many ways.
Still worth checking it out right here.

| What is it with places like Taichung, Osaka, Bristol, or even Glasgow that makes them so much cooler, have so much more character and seem so much more laid back than their capital cities?
I don’t know, but Taichung is such a city.
And I’m really struggling to explain why I like this city so much.
Taichung is not particularly beautiful, it’s not particularly special, it doesn’t really bring anything new to the table that has not been seen before, but it has a “certain vibe” to it that got us captured from the moment we arrived.

After briefly going back to Taipei, we have now taken a plane to Tokyo, where we currently are. Join us!