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Especially after polluted Delhi, RishiKesh is so very nice nature-wise. Beautiful lush greenery, split by the crystallic clear and clean Holy Ganges, perfect Trekking tours, with the Himalayas as a backdrop and the air quality as pure as in the French Alps (or close enough).
What a nice break from busy Delhi you would think. And you are right, if it wasn’t for the army of Space Invaders in this place.

The Space Invaders are usually white, dreadlocked Westerners, armed with a shoulder bag made of Jute and pre-rolled Spliffs, who are desperately trying to find enlightenment through Yoga, Meditation and Healing classes. The “Come and feel better”- industry is alive and kickin’ here in Rishikesh. This is especially true for the area around the Laxman Jhula bridge.

Here, RishiKesh felt a bit like Mallorca in Spain. While located in Spain, it isn’t really Spanish when the main languages you pick up is English and German. And because RishiKesh is a Mecca for Yoga lovers from all over the world, it should come as no surprise that the place has adapted to Western demands and is happily cashing in. There is a billion Yoga schools, Yoga teacher training classes, Yoga workshops, Meditation for beginners, Healing sessions, Massage temples and for everything there is a bookstore with the right books to purchase.
One must like it.
And everything is “Holy” or “Divine”. From the “Holy Coffee House” to the “Divine German Bakery” .
But if all is “Holy” and “Divine”, maybe nothing is,- I thought, while I had my “Israeli Breakfast”.

It is still worth going there because

  • It’s perfect to relax, especially off season with less Space Invaders present
  • Supposedly perfect Trekking tours (we only made it to a waterfall 2hrs away but that was great)
  • People there are incredibly friendly, relaxed and everyone just seemed super happy to be there
  • Excellent food and Masala Chai Tea available for very, very little cash.


Cool, show me other locations in India