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In Sanskrit Pushkar means blue lotus flower. A small town of barely 15.000, easily overlooked amongst all the other, more familiar sounding places in India on the map, but not for Eva. She wanted to go so we went. We found that instead of Space Invaders, cows are roaming the streets and camels the nearby desert. Both often make for better company and a far more pleasant sight.

According to Wiki, PushKar is  “one of the five sacred pilgrimage sites for devout Hindis and according to Hindu theology, the pond at the Katas Raj temple was formed by the tears of Lord Shiva which he is believed to have shed after the death of his wife, Sati.”

There you have it and all was interesting, but the town itself became too small for us soon enough, so we rented scooters and went towards the desert for a short trip, where we bumped into some desert folks of the musician caste and sat down with them for a cuppa. They live a gypsy like lifestyle, travelling loads and live off their musical skills. These are transferred from father to son (I’m not sure if women play too).

Back in town, one can find excellent food from places that are restaurants with a streetfood like touch, for incredibly cheap prices.
But what does incredibly cheap prices actually mean?

Here is one example of Pushkar’s eating out prices:

Eva and I had
1 Masala Chutney,
1 dish with potatoes and egg plant,
2 naan,
4 papadam,
a bottle of water and a Coke.
The bill was 270 rupees or $4. And this is not per person, but for the two of us.

Overall we felt Pushkar was a nice place to visit and definitely worth the stop.

Cool, show me other locations in India