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It feels like I wasted Osaka. Being one of the cities I was really looking forward to visiting again, having sweet, sunny memories from my last visit, Osaka didn’t really deliver for me this time. When the young college couple we hitch-hiked with dropped Eva and me off at a subway station so we could take the train to go to our Airbnb, all was still fine. It was night time but the streets seemed lively enough compared to Tokyo and people even dared to make some human noise, such as laughing. I was still excited then being back and all. But autumn turned the city cold, bland, grey and wet. The stunning autumn colours we have witnessed in Fujikawaguchiko were nowhere to be seen and I wasn’t really motivated to leave the house. I’m sure had we come in summer, Osaka would have been a whole different story.

Despite all this, the little I have seen of Osaka, I liked a lot better than Tokyo and I just loved the fact that despite the weather- (we really only had one or two days with sunny spells)- people in the streets were a lot more alive. But just the simple fact that it is now 7.46am and I’m sitting in a cafe in Vietnam, sipping on a perfect Vietnamese coffee with condensed milk and desperately trying to remember what we had actually done or seen in Osaka should give you a good indication, that it wasn’t a visit that I would tell my friends about in 20 years time.
Going to Osaka was a lot more exciting than actually being there.
One could probably compare it to a good orgasm.
Often the lead up to it is a lot more satisfying than the orgasm itself.

After a week of lurching around, Eva and I decided that Japan is way too cold and too expensive for what we got in return. We briefly discussed where to go. My heart told me Taiwan, but my head said Vietnam. Eva agreed.

2 days later we were on a plane to Da Nang and soon I will tell you all about it.