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Amongst all the places in India, Mandawar comes in 2nd best in our travels so far. It’s just a very different style to what we have seen and it really is a beauty of its own.

Mandawar, is located in Radjasthan, was founded in 1756 and has a population of about 25.000 according to Wiki. It is best known for its Havelis. These are mostly traditional townhouse, mansion or merchant buildings from ancient times, that are decorated with paintings. The word Haveli itself is arabic, meaning “partition” or “private space”. And while I’m aware this all sounds as exciting as a bible lesson in 4th grade, I was really surprised of Mandawar’s appeal.

The scooter incident

It’s funny how we found this place. In Pushkar, an elderly woman from the UK fell over with her scooter. It was nothing serious, but her leg was trapped underneath the scooter and she couldn’t get up.
After we had helped her, we got into a chat and at some point she mentioned Mandawar and how nice it was with all the buildings and Havelis. So we just went there, stayed in the most spaced out hotel and had much to laugh with an employee there whose name was Surrender.

We didn’t see many tourists, mainly because we went there off-season and it was blistering hot. This didn’t stop us from exploring the city however and the place is especially enjoyable in the early evening, when everything cools off a bit.

The city is also host to a substantial amount of muslims and multiple calls for prayer do often echoe through the landscape.
Mandawar is a perfect example how very different India can look and feel.
It is superb place really.

Nice!, now please show me other locations in India