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In Mandawar I was talking to a Dutch guy who was obsessed with India. He came to the country for the past 8 years and had one of these heavy motorbikes from “Royal Enfield” that you can see in every Indian city. I asked him, if he had to point out his favourite place in India, his absolute Must See, what would it be? Without hesitation he said Kochi. So Eva and I booked a flight for around $30 to go there from Udaipur. Funny thing is, there was absolutely nothing remotely interesting to see in Kochi. Nothing!

The city itself is heavy on the tourism side, even off-season and people from around the world are dominating the streets. Because of this, a lot of private homes offer cheap rooms. That was cool because we didn’t have to book ourselves into some hotel, but could stay with a local family enjoying superb homemade food.

There are not many streetfood stalls in this place, but restaurants offer fresh seafood. But even this was just average at best. They really like to use the Masala spice, which I also like, but they use so much that you don’t taste the fish or shrimps anymore. All you taste is Masala. We still managed to get some decent food, but during all our time there we were wondering, why the Dutch guy liked this place so much.

Jesus saved me from total boredom

And yes, we made the place fun, by renting scooters and raced around the Island. That is if you can call Eva’s 35kmh scooter skills “racing”. But man, apart from this I was happy I could observe a butcher for 30mins doing his business at the side of the road. And thank God it was Easter, so as a true non-believer I went to church to see the whole Easter ceremonies.
I was never more relieved that Jesus died for me than in my time in Kochi.

OK, that wasn’t great. Show me better places in India please.