Hoi An

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Hoi An
January/February | Not really much time to describe the place, but I managed to create a small gallery so you can get a feel for it.

We have taken on some WordPress projects and are Volunteering to help a super cute and friendly Australian couple who live in Hoi An with their website and business. Eva and i couldn’t be happier with this Volunteer position. I can go to places and take pictures which is something I love and I even got to introduce a bit of SCRUM, that I really think will benefit their business and small team immensely, especially in achieving their overall goal a lot quicker.

The HoiAnNow- website we are working on. Even if you are not in Hoi An, it’s worth checking it out. There are lots of tips and insides on there that you would only know if you had lived in Vietnam for years. It’s Great. Click Pic to take a look.

Eva is taking on the Marketing side of things and we both hope that we can advance their already impressive website just a little more. It’s a 4 weeks Volunteer position and both Eva and I would love to stay longer and help more, but our Visas will expire soon.
Anyway, since we really take this volunteering seriously and want to have a positive impact on their website, there is little time for this blog and this won’t change anytime soon unfortunately. We only work half days, which is good, but the other half of the day is spent on sightseeing.

On the upside, after almost one year of travelling, 5 different countries and almost 50 individual places, it is good to produce stuff and it is good to work on some projects together with Eva. We have never worked together, so it is good to again see Eva in a new light and try out new things. Our travel budget is almost gone, so our side projects are fun but also a necessity.

There seems very little things I can’t do or try with Eva. The WordPress projects for example were only partially successful, but the whole experience gave us such a boost, just like the past year in general and it lays a good groundwork for planning what we are going to do after our travels.

So from DaNang, we are now here in Hoi An, which is regularly voted one of the top 10 tourist destinations in the world, and hopefully I can tell you all about both places in more detail one day.

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