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The one good thing about Kochi was that it is close to Alleppey and while the place itself isn’t particularly exciting, from there you can do Backwater trips and our Homestay Host did organise this nicely.
I also had my first Volunteer job there:
For hours and hours picking mangoes from a mangoe tree at 40C, while fighting off Furious Indian Jungle Mosquitoes (FIJMs).
Fun times.

Josy, our homestay host, also cooked the best homemade food so far on this trip. He would ask us what kind of seafood we liked, then went to the fish market, bought everything and he would prepare it in the most delicious way. We totally loved this guy for his cooking skills.

The backwater trip that Josy organised was great and took half a day. We started off in the morning in a motor powered boat, roaming the broad waterways around Alleppey. After an excellent lunch, we switched into a canoe and explored one of the many small canals. All was very quiet and peaceful and the whole boat thing made a good change to what we had experienced so far.

Politics, Politics, Politics

On this Backwater trip, a mid-twenties American-Jewish girl from Chicago joined us who was heavily involved in politics and prepared to run for office herself. Like so many others, she has been ignited by “The Horrific Prospects of a Trump Presidency” and has joined “The Resistance”.

We spent much time discussing the shortcomings of Obama, Hillary’s failed chance, how people are organising themselves now and how a effective “Resistance” would look like in the US.
No matter where you stand on the political spectrum, it was nice to see that young people get active rather than further disconnected from the political process.

OK, back to India please.