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We have visited quite some places in India, but it all started in Delhi. And Delhi, what a dump. No documentary, no guide, no book, no previous experience of any friend has prepared me for real life Delhi.

How different it is when you are in the middle of it versus being told. When you stand knee deep in poverty, surrounded by noise and desperate people, street kids that walk around like Zombies from sniffing glue, the smell, the constant movement, the smog and THIS CHAOS. Rough cities in Vietnam or Taiwan are like Switzerland in comparison.

The never ending noise, mainly produced by non-stop honking horns from TukTuks, cars and trucks, from motorbikes and scooters, covers the city in a base blanket of stress and hectic and makes people alert at all times.
In the land of Yoga and Meditation, in its capital, the mind is hardly ever at rest.

On top of this is the general pollution. It’s suffocating especially at 40C.
Use a facial wipe straight after you’ve washed your face, or after you’ve had a shower and the amount of dirt that still comes off your face is unreal.

Delhi, what a dump. A dump where you can find something absolutely beautiful every 20 meters.
It’s full of small treasures and full of smiles – everywhere. And as with similar Asian cities, the people who have the least are the friendliest and expect nothing from you in return.

Delhi is also a place full of energy and progress. People are producing everything in plain sight, from kitchen tables to door locks, from hotel signs to shoes and food. It creates an energy that is affectious and gives the city a feeling of constantly moving forward, constantly progressing.
Yes, we in the western world also create these things, but it’s usually hidden in some workshop or kitchen. We are denied the production process and are being reduced to pay for and receive the final product.
The energy here feels real and it feels constant and I love it.

Cool, show me other locations in India