Travelling Asia

Since February 2017 Eva and I are travelling Asia and our first stops were India and Thailand. After three months of backpacking India and almost two in Thailand, we had planned to cross the border to Myanmar but the horrific events taking place there with regards to the Rohingya minority made us change our travel route. We went to beautiful, Taiwan instead and conquered Japan straight after. We are currently in Vietnam.
It’s December, it’s rainy season but we love it here.

In general, this blog is mainly about the places we visit, what I think of them, combined with some pictures I took. Current events that are happening in the Asian region will also have a place here if they affect our trip. Eva is creating her own page, because I don’t like her messing around in my things.

Fortunately, both Eva and I share the same interests, which makes travelling Asia really easy. We like to stay close to common, local people and whenever possible away from other tourists. To do so we travel cheap, ideally stay in local family homes and indulge in our street food passion, or simply eat where the locals would eat. Eva is a lot more experimental here than I am.

For the above reasons we also try and avoid tourist attractions. Whenever we find ourselves amongst a billion tourists, we know we did something wrong. So no pictures of the Taj Mahal while the sun slowly sets, I’m afraid.
But here is a link to it if you must.

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I hope you will like it here.
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Delhi, RishiKesh, Pushkar, Mandawar, Udaipur, Varkala are just some of the places we have visited in India. Some are obviously more exciting than others, but all are unique.

India is so big and varied it’s like you have a hundred countries in one and if you buy a sim card for example in Delhi and you travel to other parts of the country, you need to turn Roaming on if you want to access the Internet. That’s how big this country is.

The streetfood is incredibly cheap and just soooooo good. The Indian food tastes nothing like in our home countries. And despite fearing the worst, our stomachs coped really well,- for most of the time.

Come on in, read some unfiltered thoughts and watch some picture galleries.

OK, let me in.







Thailand now. We have just arrived in Bangkok and are already indulging in some superb Thai street food, after months of eating Talis, Dals, Dosas and veg fried rice.

Arriving in Thailand is not the worst place to be after India. Especially coming from Delhi. Eva and I were both surprised how clean, relaxed and easy-going Bangkok is in comparison.

Eva has already started to work her way through Thai Mango salads with dreamy eyes, while I am eating all the spicy grilled Squid and Thai beef salads this country has in stock.

So, we will be travelling Thailand for some time before hopefully crossing over to Myanmar, the place we are really interested in, the real deal.

As mentioned, our first stop is Bangkok and
here is my first impression.





The events in Myanmar have made us go to Taiwan much earlier than we had planned to. The feeling of freedom and flexibility that comes along with “Screw Myanmar’s genocidal tendencies, how about we fly to Taiwan tomorrow?” is incredible. It’s September 2017 and we wish the Rohingya people had the same Screw it option.

We have been to Taiwan already two and a half years ago and absolutely loved it. It’s a likeable place to start with. Being often not more than a pawn in a chess power game between China and the US, they are and always have been the underdogs. Most of the Taiwanese people don’t feel like they belong to China and if you speak to some Taiwanese people on the street, this sentiment is echoed in their statements.

They are proud to be Taiwanese as opposed to Chinese. Their democracy and human rights as well as their care for the environment is well advanced and only recently they have decided to be the first Asian country where gay marriage is to become legal. The first country in all of Asia!
It makes them light years ahead of even some western countries. All this progress on humanities, the fair and free elections, their first female president currently in power, the freedom of the internet, the freedom of the press, will make it harder for China to take the country back as they promised to do eventually. If necessary by force. Once you grant people certain rights, they usually don’t like seeing them revoked or infringed upon.

And yet, there still is a feeling that China is always lurking in the background, that they are patiently waiting to make a move. They seem more focused on Hong Kong for the moment, but Taiwan is part of their core interests and any move from the Taiwanese that continues to go further down the road of Independence is counter attacked. One example is that China puts pressure on countries that trade with Taiwan to either reduce their trading business or stop altogether and declare publicly to fully commit their allegiance to the Mainland, as opposed to Taiwan.

In 2010 China was pointing around 2000 short range missiles in Taiwan’s direction. I’m not sure this is still the case but I haven’t found anything on the internet that says the missiles had been removed.

Relationships with the mainland hasn’t improved exactly since Tsai Ing-Wen came to power, driven by an urge for independence. All this annoys China and makes Taiwan even more of an underdog. And who doesn’t like underdogs?

Join us while we discover this small, proud Island once more. We really look forward to doing so, before we move on to Japan.

This way to Taiwan.


We have stayed in Japan for about 6 weeks. Apart from eating first class food and drinking Sake, I have done a 10 day Vipassana silent meditation course just outside of Tokyo. This has prevented me from updating this blog for a while but I’ve caught up and the Japan page is now in existence and alive.

Update: We have just left the country for a much warmer Vietnam.
Come sweat with us.